How to Play Pokemon GO on PC with Bluestacks? (Move with Keyboard)

Do you want to play Pokemon GO on PC with Bluestacks? I know the pain of not being able to play Pokemon GO since I’m a Bluestacks user too. I was totally disappointed when I heard Pokemon GO uses GPS to control the Trainer. However, I could play but I had to change the location from here to there continuously. That was pretty painful.

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However, you can now play Pokemon GO on PC with Bluestacks using your keyboard! That’s freaking awesome, what do you say? However, I had tons of problems playing. So, I decided not to share something that did not work almost every time. But now this works just perfectly, it’s time to catch ’em all. 😀

There are two ways, I recommend the second procedure as it’s short. Please scroll down to find the second procedure as that helped many people too. Try the method 2 first!

Without further do, let’s get started. This tutorial will show you how to play Pokemon GO on PC with Bluestacks and move using your keyboard (WASD).

How to Play Pokemon GO on PC With Bluestacks?

For continuing, you first need to download the latest Bluestacks update for Pokemon GO. You can find all the download links for apps that we’re going to use for this tutorial. 🙂

Note: All the download links are provided below!

Step #1: Download and install the latest Bluestacks on your PC.

Step #2: Download KingRoot v4.95 and install it via Bluestacks.

Step #3: Download FakeGPS v4.95 and install.

Step #4: Download Lucky Patcher v6.2.4 from the link below.

Step #5: Download Pokemon GO v0.29.3 from Bluestacks and install.

After you have downloaded these, you can now move to the next step. Remember, we have to root our Bluestacks using KingRoot to use Lucky Patcher. Once you have installed Bluestacks, now install all these three apps one by one by dragging them to the Bluestacks App Player.

Play Pokemon GO on PC with Bluestacks (Walking with Keyboard)

After you have downloaded and installed all of these apps. Keep in mind, you have to uninstall Bluestacks completely from your Windows PC and reinstall it from scratch. Now comes the most important part. Don’t run Pokemon GO right now even if Niantic released the game for your country. We have to change or set our location first.

If you live in those countries where Pokemon GO works, keep your fake location to that country. If you are from India or any other countries, simply plan to move to any supported country. Don’t change it again or else you are sure to get banned. That means you can’t jump around the map too much, stay in one state or country, and don’t teleport from areas to areas within seconds or minutes. 🙂

If you want to go to another state, simply turn off Pokemon GO and don’t run it for like some hours. Then change your location to that other state to safely move there. This makes Niantic think you drove to that state within these few hours and now you started the game. 

Steps to Follow – Method 1 (Play Pokemon GO on PC with Bluestacks)

  1. Start Bluestacks and install all the three apps (KingRoot, FakeGPS, and Lucky Patcher).

  2. Now open KingRoot and agree to the TOS, and tap on the icon saying ‘Fix Now‘ or ‘Get Now‘.
    play Pokemon GO on PC with Bluestacks, Play Pokemon GO on PC, Root Bluestacks with KingRoot

  3. Now, wait till it reaches 100% and the “Root Success!” message.

  4. Then, restart Bluestacks, and open Lucky Patcher.

  5. Then tap on FakeGPS from the app list, and tap on ‘Tools‘ and then ‘Move to /system/app
    Make FakeGPS a System App, how to use Lucky Patcher

  6. When a pop-up appears asking “Do you really want to make this a System app?”, just tap on ‘Yes‘.

  7. It will ask you to reboot Bluestacks, simply tap on ‘No‘ and restart your Bluestacks manually.

  8. Once restarted, you won’t find FakeGPS in your home apps. Start Lucky Patcher again, you will find FakeGPS in the app list, simply tap on it and ‘Launch‘ the app.
    Note: If you cannot find FakeGPS, look for the Search option in the footer of the Lucky Patcher app. Then you will find a search box and something called Filters. Click on it and you will find a bunch of checklists, look for System Apps and check it. Then apply the filter and you will find FakeGPS, and then launch the app.

  9. Now, you have to set your location in FakeGPS. If you’re from any of those countries where Niantic launched Pokemon GO, put your location somewhere there. But if you’re from other countries, you can change to either US, UK or Australia. (Take your own risk of getting banned if you try changing countries from time to time.)

  10. Now, go to ‘Settings‘ and look for ‘Location‘. Once you find it, set your GPS Mode to ‘High‘.

  11. Now open Pokemon GO and sign up with your Google account.

  12. If you find GPS signal error, simply restart Bluestacks and change your location again, and that should work.

  13. Now you can move using your keyboard by pressing W/A/S/D. You can catch Pokemon using the mouse by dragging just like you do on your phone. 😉

Now you can start playing Pokemon GO peacefully from your home using your Keyboard and mouse! No matter who Pokemon are, you can easily catch them up. But remember not to change your location very often using FakeGPS, or else it might result in a ban. I’m now playing for like 4 days and leveled up to 9 already. No bans and nothing. 😀

Try this if the upper procedure doesn’t work for you – Method 2

If your Trainer doesn’t move using your Keyboard, reinstall Bluestacks and click on the ‘Set location‘ icon on the left option bar in Bluestacks as shown in the image below.

This will automatically install the FakeGPS in your Bluestacks, and then once installed. Again click on the ‘Set location‘ option. Then similarly set your location and click on the little play button on the right bottom corner. Then you restart your Bluestacks and click on the ‘Set Location‘ option once again. Now, check if the location is same as you have chosen before. If the pinpoint is in the same place, then good. Now open Pokemon GO and your keyboard keys will let you control your Trainer. 😀


FakeGPS KingRoot Lucky Patcher

Conclusion (Play Pokemon GO on PC with Bluestacks)

This is the ultimate guide if you want to play Pokemon GO on PC with Bluestacks. You can use your keyboard to walk around and use your mouse to catch Pokemon and look around. That’s pretty cool. You don’t have to walk 10 kilometers to hatch eggs. This is a lifesaver if you don’t own a smartphone and use Bluestacks to play most of your Android games. 😀

If you found this tutorial helpful, share it on Facebook and let your Bluestacks friends know about this tutorial. If you have any questions or if you have faced any problems, comment below and I will try to answer them ASAP. Subscribe to our newsletter for more awesome stuff weekly. 😉

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