Top 3 Domain Registration & Domain Name Search Tools For Bloggers

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Are you eager to start blogging using your own domain? That’s great if made up your mind to join the blogging community of the world or blogosphere which we love to call it. Firstly if you want to start blogging, you need a domain registration service for registering your custom domain. You’ll also need to use some domain name search tools for finding whether the domain of your choice is available.

There are millions of bloggers and internet markets out there who have their own website or blog, and they are earning quite good from that, no doubt. If you’re a blogger, you can predict yourself only if you’re determined to work harder. If you’re starting without a fixed mind-set, you’ll get lost in the way, making your blogging career unsuccessful. All you need is a domain to host your site on.

Currently, this blog, Clash Royale Guide receives more than 2k visitors each day. That’s good enough for making at least $10 everyday. So, you can say, blogging can reward you if you work hard. Dinesh bro, the founder of the blog worked hard spending hours working for ranking on Google. Firstly, if you want to join the blogosphere, you need a domain name for yourself, a identity of your website/blog.

In this share, although it’s an off-topic post, it will help you choose the best domain registrar available on the Internet. There are tons of different domain registration companies who are ready to serve you, but all are not great on their support and service. There, I’m sharing the “Top 3 Domain Registration & Domain Name Search Tools For Bloggers“.

Domain Registration: Best Domain Registrars & Domain Search Tools

Here, I’m listing the best 3 domain registration companies or domain registrars, and the best domain search tools. Each choice of ours are made for their service and support, and of course for cheap domains. If you want to get the best service on a cheaper scale, you have to look at the list below!

1. Godaddy

If you already don’t know about Godaddy, you should know that “Godaddy is the world’s best domain registrar“. That’s the cute little reason for making it stand on number one.

Godaddy provides the most of the domain extensions such as .com/.net/.org/.website/.us and many more which you can find while you’re searching for a domain for its availability. Godaddy provides thousands of different offers for you. You need not spend $10+ domain for a .com/.net/.org domain as you have to do in some other domain registrar. So, for the offers and discounts, Godaddy rock. However, the domain extensions are much more cheaper, and gives you more control over it, such as DNS and Nameservers and more.

They also have their own domain search tool which lets you see if your domain is available for registration. You’ll also see a ton of different extensions that you might want to go for. As I told before, there are several extensions you an choose, it would be hard for me to list all in here. I would make a crime if I didn’t tell you that Godaddy’s support is the best according to my point of view. In fact, our website is hosted and the domain is provided by Godaddy. 😉

2. Namecheap

However, Namecheap stood second because of its great support and service. You can register domains quickly and easily, this accepts different payment methods. There are also great discounts that you can use to save a lot of money. You can control your domain very easily from the dashboard- changing DNS settings, nameservers and many more.

However, I used Namecheap previously and they tend to provide great service at a low cost. I would say, their domains are fairly cheap rather than other domain registration companies. Namecheap also have their own domain search tool which lets you see if your domain choice is eligible to be registered. You can also host your domain at Namecheap for a small fee each month. 😀

3. is another great domain registrar which I must appreciate. I personally never used but I can say it’s great because I’ve seen their discounts and special coupons, and the variety of different domain extensions, is however, one of the top trusted and top domain brand who provide hosting services too. has their own domain search tool allowing you to look for domains and get some ideas from. You can easily purchase your domain and register it at a cheap rate. That’s why we like and it’s a great domain registrar. 🙂


As I said, if you’re willing to join and be successful in the blogosphere, you need to register your domain first, and then go for your web hosting service. In this post, I’ve shared the top 3 domain registration and domain name search tools which you can use to purchase your first domain easily and without hassle.

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