Clash Royale Private Servers October 2016 (Android & iOS)

Are you looking for the latest Clash Royale Private Servers October 2016? Great then, you’re at the right spot. I feel God-like when playing on a modded server. You’re literally having everything you need – unlimited Gold & Gems. It’s really fun and exciting as you have each and every card in the game.

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Supercell frequently updates their games which include both Clash Royale & Clash of Clans. So, I decided to give an update for this month. After every update, the private servers updated automatically. Without further do, let’s see how to join these latest private servers.

This is the testing & working method for this month. We’ll be bringing in another update next month similarly. 😉

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Clash Royale Private Servers October 2016

Talking about these private servers, I think most of them are very laggy. That’s because these servers aren’t hosted by rich developers like Supercell. I really can’t say if you’re going to face the sort of issues as it worked for me.

Good news for iOS players, this time, I could join the private server without hassle. But there’s a ‘but‘, it might not even work for you. I’m literally not sure about it yet.

Pros of Clash Royale Private Servers

  • You got unlimited Gold & Gems.
  • You can purchase all Cards without hassle.
  • There are features of creating & joining a Clan.
  • You can do friendly battles with your friends.

Cons of Clash Royale Private Servers

  • Servers are sometimes overloaded resulting in massive lags.
  • You have infinite, meaning you have to earn nothing.
  • Most if not all private servers take time in updating the servers along with the Supercell’s official server.

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Note: You need a rooted Android device in order to use this private server switcher. There is a list of servers you can join but requires special root access which you can provide by having a rooted device only!?

Clash Royale Private Servers October 2016: How to use?

For Android Users:

If you’re an Android user, you need to root your phone if you already haven’t. This is mandatory as the private server switcher requires special root permissions. 😉

  1. Download the Clash Royale Private Server Switcher from the download link below.
  2. Install the APK in your Android device.
  3. Once you have installed it, open the switcher.
  4. It’s gonna ask for Root permissions, just allow.
  5. Then choose any server from the list and join.

For iOS Users:

I believe you remember that for me, this trick worked. But I honestly cannot guarantee if it’s gonna work for you. Still it’s worth a try & if it works out, you’re life becomes “Jinga-lala“. 😀

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on the WiFi options.
  3. Then click on ‘i‘ icon which represents Information (next to your WiFi network name).
  4. Then use the following DNS, The DNS is below the Download Links :). Get it bro.
  5. Now turn off your WiFi options and turn it on back.
  6. Now open Clash Royale and you should be transferred to the Clash Royale private server.

Download Clash Royale Private Server Switcher (Android ONLY)

File Name: com.Clash.FHX.Royale.ClashRoyale-Guide.org.apk (**Root Required**)

File Size: 3 MB (2,645,859 bytes)

Support OS: Android

Download Links 

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This is all about the Clash Royale private servers October 2016. Just know, this works perfectly both for Android & iOS. I’m very glad that this time it worked for iOS as well. But I still have some suspects if it’s going to work for everyone. You can let me know in the comments if this doesn’t work for you, I’ll try my best to look for the best alternative possible. 😀

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