Clash Royale Private Servers for Android Users [July 2016 Update]

Want to troll around with some Clash Royale Private Servers? Great, this is the July’s private server update. Every month new servers are added and hosted. Here are some of the best Clash Royale modded servers for enjoying the most. Some servers have serious lag, connection errors and other issues, so you have to join the best to get the most out of them. 😀

In this post, I’m sharing the new Clash Royale modded APK and the private server for Android. Keep in mind, you need a rooted Android OS to make this work. If you’re new to ‘rooting a phone‘, don’t worry. We’re going to share an easy peasy way to root your phone without any computer. So, get subscribed for post notifications, so that you can get to know we post it.

Let’s not talk anymore, and now you might think about the features of these private servers. 😉

Clash Royale Private Servers / Modded APK

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Here are some facts and features of these private servers. The thing is, unlike the real server, you have to wait every month for another update from the modders. So, you might lack some features in the private servers while you’ll be getting instant updates in the real Supercell server. 😉

But still, this is enjoyable and fun to many players. But I can’t like getting those weird features of having everything set to ‘infinity‘. I have nothing to do then, that’s the boring part. 🙁

You need a rooted Android device in order to use this private server switcher. If you do not know how to root your phone, subscribe to our newsletter, you will receive your guide to root your phone easily without a computer.

However, here are the latest Clash Royale private servers.

Here are some of the facts about the Clash Royale private servers:

  • The private server doesn’t mean you hacked your original account.
  • It’s just another server, not the real Supercell server.
  • You have infinite gold with infinite resources.
  • Nothing will change in your original account while you’re playing on the private servers.
  • Your phone needs to allow access to modify certain Clash Royale files, so you need to root your phone to allow the access.
  • Private servers still have limited features than the real one.

The features of Clash Royale private servers:

  • You get unlimited gold.
  • You get unlimited gems.
  • You get all the troop cards.
  • You get unlimited trophies.
  • You can battle others just like you do in the real server.
  • You can join and create clans.
  • You can have friendly-battles.
  • Super-fast Elixir Production.
  • Unlimited Chests.

As you know, the last Clash Royale update added new things – tournaments, new arena. Sadly, you cannot access these new stuff for you will be playing on the modified server which will be updated soon. But you have enjoy yourself a lot in these private lobbies and servers. 🙂

Download Clash Royale Private Servers

File Name: Clash Royale FHX Private Server.apk

File Size: 3.6 MB

File Uploaded: 10/04/2016  Direct Download Direct Download

Download Links:


Here you go, you can now download the Clash Royale private servers and join them. If you read the content above, you will know how features you will be getting. But there might be some problems too, that is, updating of private servers take longer, as they are not made by professionals. You might have to wait like weeks or even a month for a new change to take place. But still, the private servers are much enjoyable and fun to play on. 😀

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