Clash Royale Giant: Wiki & Strategy or Guide

Clash Royale Giant, Giant CR, Giant Guide, Clash Royale Giant Strategy, Clash Royale Giant Guide, WikiI don’t think Clash Royale Giant is only a powerful attacking troop, but it helps slow down your enemies. The Giant has high (HP) Hitpoints which keeps it alive till your troops go and kill the enemy troops down. I would say it’s like a savior, kind of like the Valkyrie. But unlike the Valkyrie, it doesn’t focus on the enemy troops.

He directly walks through the bridges to the enemy base, trying to get down, at least, one Arena Tower, in the meanwhile, your enemy will be deploying his powerful deck to diminish your Giants, but remember, “Clash Royale Giant” is a high damage absorber; for his HP.

If you use Giants, you can defy your enemies without much trouble. I don’t know if a highly pro player would like Giant, but I do love the “Clash Royale Giant strategy”. 😀

Clash Royale Giant, Giant CR, Giant Guide, Clash Royale Giant Strategy

“Slow but durable, only attacks buildings. A real one-man wrecking crew!”

Random Info: Clash Royale Giant

Here are some random facts that can be used to describe his looks and power:

  • The Giant can be unlocked from Training Camp (Tutorial).
  • He wears a big brown coat and has ginger sideburns and bushy eyebrows.
  • He targets buildings such as Arena Towers.
  • He doesn’t look back to defend himself: a real hero and patriot.
  • On 9/2/16, the Update increased his hitpoints by 5%.
  • It’s completely alike to the COC Giant: the same personality.

Clash Royale Giant Strategy

  • Use him to safeguard your troops & buildings.
    – When your enemy drops out several troops together, you just can’t let him rush towards your base.
    Deploy your Giant somewhere near, the enemy troops will be distracted and will start following the Gaint.
    – Hit the iron while it’s hot, what I mean is you’ll now deploy your other troops who will kill the enemy troops who are busy hitting the Giant (who already owns massive HP).
    ★ It’s a great strategy to stop your enemy from rushing to your base and demolishing your buildings. The Giant won’t look back, he will continue his journey while your attacking troops will kill the enemy troops easily. This will help you save your troops too from your enemy whose troops are already busy with the Giant who is slowly progressing towards his building.
  • Use him with other troops to win Crowns.
    – Using the Giant with Mini PEKKA gave sweet results, faster damage and quicker to get the 1st crown without hard work.
    – Using the Giant with Witch helps the Giant go into the enemy base without much trouble of getting hits. The skeletons do their job well.
    Deploy your Dragon with the Giant to kill any ground troop as well as flying troops.
    ★ I’ve tried this strategy for than 50 times, and I can say it’s really cool. You don’t have to wait for much to get a quick crown, just store Elixir and boom it when you have enough. Deploy these pairs together, you’ll see how easily you get to finish your enemy without much hassle.

Clash Royale Giant: Statistics

Hit Speed
Icons stats dmg speed
Icons stats speed
Deploy Time
Icons stats range
Icons stats target
Icons stats troop count
1.5 secSlow1 secMeleeBuildings5x1TroopRare
Icons stats hp
Icons stats dmg
Damage per second
Icons stats dmg dps


Now you know every bit of Clash Royale Giant. Take a look at the above table giving a range of information about the Clash Royale Giant that you need to know about if you’re playing Clash Royale. If you add Giant to your Clash Royale’s deck, you’ll surely succeed with the above strategies I’ve listed.

I myself love Clash Royale Giant for its patriotism, he just doesn’t care who is poking him. He continues thriving towards the enemy base. Isn’t he inspiring for our life too? I think he is.  😉

Let me know if the comments below what you liked about the Giant and what you really think of him. Do share this piece if you liked or if it helped. 😉

Love Clash Royale Giant! 😉

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