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Ice Wizard: Clash Royale Troop Guide, Strategy & Wiki

Have you unlocked the legendary new troop: Ice Wizard yet? Well, it’s about some hours I just unlocked this awesome troop. I’m saying “awesome” and it stands for a reason. He isn’t the strongest or very strong at damaging, but it does help in a great extend. He is great at slowing down the enemies. You can say, his […]

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Clash Royale Wizard: Strategy & Guide

Do you like Clash Royale Wizard?  I like the Wizard for its powerful fireball attacking which kills a swarm of enemies in a go, especially ones with less HP like the Barbarian, Spear Goblins, etc. He is a killer and of course, a magian who sprinkles fire! I’ve unlocked my Clash Royale Wizard just about a […]

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Clash Royale Giant: Wiki & Strategy or Guide

I don’t think Clash Royale Giant is only a powerful attacking troop, but it helps slow down your enemies. The Giant has high (HP) Hitpoints which keeps it alive till your troops go and kill the enemy troops down. I would say it’s like a savior, kind of like the Valkyrie. But unlike the Valkyrie, it […]

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Clash Royale’s Valkyrie: Wiki & Strategy or Guide

I don’t know about any other player, but I love Clash Royale’s Valkyrie. I would say, it’s like the Healer from Clash of Clans, although, you’ll find almost no relation between them. But I can show you a relationship between both. Like in Clash of Clans, the Healer heals troops and protects them. Similarly, Valkyrie […]

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